Faced with the serious global crisis which highlights the deep social and economic fractures, faced with the closure of European borders, and the outsourcing of flow management, faced with restrictions on freedom of movement which cause massive violations of human rights of people in exile, all along the migratory routes, on the roads and within Europe and in view of the criminalisation of citizens acting according to principles of solidarity, and the need to put in place public policies promoting equality and social justice for migrants and refugees…

FSEM Lisboa - Forum Social Europeu das Migrações

Social and collective movements of civil society organisations from several European countries are calling for the holding of the first European Social Forum for Migration (FSEM)

A different world is possible: a cry that moves us, engages us and encourages us to defend life, to promote solidarity, peace, and to think of the future of the planet as a home. A pandemic exposed the fragility of an exclusionary political, social and economic system, incapable of protecting human rights of immigrants and refugees.

The European Social Forum on Migrations, more than possible, is urgent and necessary! It is an opportunity to think collectively from the regional social forums on migrations about the future of humanity and the future of the planet. It is an invitation to think about migrations as central to building a new inclusive and fully ethical framework for a sustainable future with social justice. It is a forum of hope and a call for global action, shared responsibility, and the promotion of universal citizenship for the well-being of the entire human family, the great community of life and of future generations.

Previous Editions

The Social Forum on Migrations (FSM) was born in Porto Alegre in 2004 as a section of the World Social Forum, with a main objective to build convergences and alternative models for participatory governance of migrations. It is a horizontal, decentralized, and self-managed process, whose dynamic of construction and realization privileges spaces for democratic discussion, with exchange of experiences, learning, academic production, and articulation among a diversity of social actors that act around migrations and asylum. 

Throughout its more than 16 years of existence, the forum has already taken place in Brazil in 2004 and 2016, Spain in 2006 and 2008, Ecuador in 2010, Philippines in 2012, South Africa in 2014 and Mexico in 2018. The first Americas Social Forum on Migrations was held virtually from the 22nd to 25th of October 2020 in Uruguay. In total, 550 participants from 352 organizations and 38 countries were present in the 30 virtual activities. The first European Social Forum on Migrations is scheduled for March 2021 in Lisbon and will be held in a mixed mode, involving virtual debates by thematic axes and in-person pre-forums, always in compliance with sanitary guidelines.


To analyze migration policies and think about the future of human mobility, public policy, and asylum and integration practices after COVID-19.

To initiate a discussion environment, built from the diasporas and with civil society organizations, for the implementation of alternative and participatory policies.

To build a dynamic of civil society action in network at the European level, involving a diversity of actors, with migrants and refugees being protagonists.