Organizing Committee

The European Social Forum on Migrations is being built in a collective and participatory way, with a broad participation of migrants and refugees, and of the civil society. The organizing committee, formed by the International Committee and the Local Committee, is in charge of actions planning and implementation.


The International Committee (IC) is responsible for supporting and directing the definition of themes, thematic axes, methodology, international prospection, mobilization of international delegations, realization of round-table discussions, seminars, preparatory conferences, openings, search for support and institutional partnerships to make the forum viable. 
Its composition is dynamic and is currently composed of networks, associations and organizations based in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and France, whose activities are directly related to migration and human rights issues.

Organizations currently composing the International Committee:


The Local Committee (CL) develops activities of articulation, management and local coordination of the Forum through articulation with the technical groups (GTs) and the International Committee. It is also open to migrants and refugees’ associations, as well as organizations working on migration issues.

The organizations currently composing the Local Committee are: