Migrants’ associations, collectives, civil society organizations, academics, trade unions, and different social actors who wish to participate in the FSEM LISBOA 2021 may propose activities linked with one of the four thematic axes and submit a filled registration form by March, 7 2021.

Each self-managed activity will be entirely organized logistically by its proposing organizations, which will define their own methodology, facilitators/speakers, interactive platform, interpretation and other necessary configurations. The FSEMLisboa2021 logo will have to appear on the flyers and any other promotional material about the activity.

The proposing organizations are also responsible for providing a summary of the discussions held, following a template provided by the organizing committee. This document will be presented at the convergences assemblies that will be held between March 23 and 25.

We would also like to point out that all self-managed activities will be held between March 16 and 21.



Activities linked with one of the four thematic axes . See the program


Migration as a consequence of a neoliberal capitalist model: extractivism and land appropriation, destructuration of local economies, forced displacement, economic warfare, instrumentalization of public funds.

Migrations as a fight at the intersectionality of struggles and access to fundamental and universal rights: feminist, LGBTQI+, anti-Islamophobic, environmental, and climate struggles, defense of science, education and culture; right to life and universal and free health.

Transformation of political systems – alternative governance strategies, strategies for the organization and political participation of migrants and refugees, role of local authorities, universities and civil society, public policies and social participation.

Criminalization of migration and solidarity, militarization, border externalization of Fortress Europe, violation of migrants’ and refugees’ rights at origin, transit and destination.